10AM PST Weekdays
Over 1,395,000 Weekly Listeners
Brew 102 FM
KNJO Thousand Oaks
XRQK Las Vegas
XRQK Palm Springs - Los Angeles
Los Angeles - Palm Springs
XRQK Bullhead City - Phoenix
Bullhead City - Phoenix
California Indie Radio
XRQK Worldwide
AV News Talk
XRQK Worldwide
Thousand Oaks - Simi Valley
Lancaster Palmdale Antelope Valley
Lancaster - Palmdale
The Dorm Radio 4 Students
Raving Surge Radio
Streaming Radio Stations Using Our Programming & Distribution Services
XRQK/AV News-Talk
Lancaster - Palmdale
Rave HD
350,000 daily listeners across the network
7 Day Listener Gain
7 Day Listener Gain 232.15%
Average listener stay
190.2 minutes
58,817 Listeners Daily
Up 22.47%
Average listener stay
584.8 Minutes
XRQK Bakersfield
Listener 7 day trend up 97.93%
Radio Outlaw Bakersfield
XRQK Ridgecrest
California City - China Lake - Indian Wells Valley
XRQK Fresno
Digital Radio Tracking
Airtime America Network
Programming Verified

AM & FM Radio Stations Airing Our Programming Nationwide.
Procaster AM transmitter
FCC Approved
Part 15 AM transmitter
FCC Certification
Airtime America Radio Network
Full Power FM
All of our streaming stations, also distributes programming via a network of Part 15 AM & FM Transmitters.
Key locations include: business parks, large 1,000+ MDU communities, resorts, residential areas,
sporting events & local high school sports. AM transmitters cover 2-4 miles each.
Full Power AM
Airtime America Radio Network
250 watts to 50,000 watts
Radio stations do not want their call letters included in airtime promotion.
Our radio stations provide you airtime at reduced rates, not available directly.
Too many time robbing inquires by potential Airtime America Clients, our radio stations don't like that!