Innovative Airtime America Streaming Technology
Airtime America radio stations uses state of the art servers to spread its programming to a forest of transmitters all over North America. Our transmitter sites, are the same that connect your cell phones & tablets. We are available where ever your cell phone or tablet work.

Instead of one AM & FM transmitters, as main means of program distribution as in the old days of radio; we use to supplement our streaming stations, reverse of dinosaur radio.

At home or work, wireless modems
connect your devices to our servers
Wi-Fi Streaming radios
for at home listening
Rural Service
Programming leaves the studio and enters
the encoder, then on to the master servers

AM transmitters cover 2-4 miles each and are
used in business parks, large 1,000+ MDU communities, resorts, residential areas, sporting events & local high school sports.

The AM transmitters are used to promote
and grow the streaming stations
Airtime America Radio Network
Airtime America Radio Network